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Report from Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr., M.D. & Sylvia Holmes-Myers
Baptist Medical Missionaries
Mississippi Delta

“And let us not be weary in well doing.”
Galations 6:9

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October 6, 2005

Distribution of donated items from Boston, Massachusetts
to Katrina evacuees in Mississippi

Katrina Photo 12
Over 100 boxes of donated boxes of food, clothes, etc. arriving
at the UPS storage facility in Greenwood, Mississippi.

Katrina Photo 13
Rented U-Haul trailer arriving at UPS storage facility with two volunteers
from the Los Angeles based national syndicated cable television program
CURRENT TV. The program will be aired in October of 2005.

Katrina Photo 14
U-Haul loaded up and ready to leave the UPS storage facility.

Katrina Photo 15
U-Haul trailer loaded up with boxes and heading south down the highway toward
Rocky Valley Baptist Church, Rev. Andrew Keys, Pastor, in Collins, Mississippi
where Katrina caused much damage and destruction.

Katrina Photo 16
U-Haul arriving at the church in Collins, Mississippi several
hours later that night.

Katrina Photo 17
Boxes being unloaded by volunteers from the church.

Katrina Photo 18
Boxes unloaded in the Rocky Valley Baptist Church Family Life Center for
distribution to Katrina evacuees throughout the storm damaged area with
CURRENT TV producer Ari Macht observing the donated items.

Katrina Photo 19
Dr. Myers with members of Rocky Valley Baptist Church who volunteered to unload
the more than 100 boxes of donated items from Boston, Massachusetts.

Katrina Photo 20
Of course, we can not leave out the praise jam session at the church
following the unloading of the boxes with Dr. Myers on keyboards.

Katrina Photo 21
Deacon Charles Fairley of Rocky Valley Baptist Church is also one of the
talented church musicians. He sends his greetings and thanks to everyone
who donated boxes to Katrina families in the Collins, Mississippi area.

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