The Sower’s Sad Seeds in Sudan

By Michael Johnson, M.D.
General Surgeon & Medical Missionary
Nairobi, Kenya

February 12, 2005

"Then he told them many things in parables, saying: 'A sower went forth to sow his seed.'”
Matthew 13:3

Jesus describes the sower as going out to sow seeds and it seems like such a straightforward illustration, especially after He gives His parable the explanation. However, for many sowers of seeds in Sudan Africa, even this parable would take a bit more effort to explain some of their fears away.

The sowers go out to plant in Sudan and their seeds fall not just on stony ground, but on mass graves, mine fields, tank traps, unexploded munitions and numerous other objects of war, devastation and tragedy. How do we explain to a man and his family who have lost so many people in those same fields that it is now safe to plant? They have not planted safely in over three decades. What remains of the family members are those who are maimed by bombs, left sightless by river blindness or missing in slave markets.

It has not rained in so many months anyway, why not just eat the seeds? The ground is soaked with the blood of the villagers, it is not only sacred, it is haunted. If they do harvest, they may even be guilty of eating the very blood of the ones whom they loved. Why not just feed the family the bags of seeds, drink what water remains and await death? It is a safer and more assured alternative to planting.

The last time they tried planting, the planes rained down death on from on high with huge bombs and bullets. It is not safe to sow seeds.

They risk sowing seeds and get nothing in return. There has not been even a chance for the birds to eat them, for the weeds to choke them. The wind blows away the seeds and the small worms and insects eat what remains.

The only harvest is rocks, snakes and death.

The sower went out to sow, changed his mind sat in the dust and cried. That is the picture of Sudan today.

President Bush did not bother to mention the suffering, the carnage, the slaughter in Sudan during his State of the Union address. As a believer in Christ and we would ask that he live up to his promises as a Christian to liberate not only oil rich Iraq, but the burden heavy nation of Sudan.

Now you have seeds to sow yourself. You know the problems of Sudan and you can help answer them by spreading the news of this tragedy to people who can make a difference. Write your Congressman, your Senator, the President and ask them what are we doing to get rid of this harvest of death in Sudan?


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